The GbR Werner Hinderer and Faust Mühlich, Eislingen/Fils was founded 01-Oct-1966.
In rented facilities, earliest activities were limited, primarily providing hotstampings on demand.
In 1967, the range of business expanded by adding a commercial agency, covering the entire German territory with hotstamping foils of a U.S. Manufacturer.  At the same time, H+M started to produce silicone hotstamping sheets and dies for the plastics industry.

In 1971, the GbR expanded by adding an associate, LEONHARD KURZ, Fürth – a leading worldwide supplier of hotstamping foils. H+M Germany assumed the foil representation of LEONHARD KURZ for the Southern part of Germany.  Likewise, the Kurz global platform provided sales coverage of H+M products worldwide.

To further improve efficiency and delivery times, H+M set up in-house-production of smaller quantities of silicone hotstamping dies, and later added silicone rollers and silicone sheets.

In 1977 the company moved into a new production facility in Göppingen.
The company had enough space for another expansion of business activities, specialization of  employees and the development of an engraving department.
H+M implemented computer-based production technology during the following years.

In 1992, the product portfolio expanded to include hotstamping dies for the graphic industry.
High precision stamping die production began with the latest CNC Production in 2-shifts.

Over subsequent years several subsidiaries have been established:
1997 - USA
1998 - France
2003 - Switzerland
2004 - China
2015 - India

H+M GmbH & Co. KG today has more than 180 employees and the company has reached the status as one of the leading companies in the industry.