Make-ready supplies

H+M offers a wide range of hot stamping make-ready materials and accessories.
We encounter the ever-increasing technical developments and quality requirements within the industry by constantly expanding our product porfolio.
Our portfolio is designed to suit the wishes and requirements of our customers - to support your stamping plans efficiently and effectively.

H+M offers you a variety of products like adhesive tapes, make-ready sheets, cleaning products, and other related materials used in the world of stamping.


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Adhesive tapes

H+M offers a variety of adhesive tapes in various types, sizes and thicknesses.
They serve to fix dies, counter dies, and other stamping materials during the make-ready process. 




Rubber mats

Rubber mats

H+M offers rubber mat make-ready material in different thicknesses and sizes:
- rubber mat
- rubber cloth
- rubberprints

MAke-ready materials

The correct make-ready materials guarantee perfect match between the tools, the foil, and the hot stamping machine.

H+M offers various make-ready materials in different sizes and thicknesses :
- Phenolic board                      
- Sustamid                                
- Particle resin board
- Epoxy plates
- MHP board
- Polyester-foil
- Polyfol

Other accessories

As a finishing touch of our range of accessories, we additionally offer :
- Sandflex (sanding) blocks
- Copper brush
- Make ready tape
- Polishing paste