Stamping applications for plastics

The H+M stamping lab offers the assistance to put your stamping jobs into action.We confirm that you can optimally work with your stamping tools. Our technicians check your tools in-house and provide support on site.

We guarantee, that your stamping result leaves nothing to be desired - neither optically nor technically.

Vertical stamping

Vertical stamping is the most common stamping application with plastics - done by an up and down movement.
The stamping tool transfers with pressure and temperature die to transfer the functional layers of the stamping foil.
Adjustable transfer time ("dwell") and high pressure are possible.
The vertical stamping technique is used for the decoration of flat plastic parts as well as for curved ones.

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Roll-on stamping

The stamping tool can be a stamping roller or a stamping wheel.
It is guided with a continuing rolling motion over the stamping part to be decorated.
During this rolling movement, the functional layers of the hotstamping foil are being transferred to the plastic part via a line contact base.
The contact time is process-related and often extremely short, and therefore it demands higher stamping temperatures.

Special features:
Air inclusions are avoided by line contact.
The process of rolling is appropriate for decorating big areas.
Expansive motives are feasible with only little pressure.
The rolling is done also with endless profiles and raised areas.

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Peripheral rolling process

With peripheral rolling processes, the round stamping part is being rolled over a flat stamping die.
The stamping foil does not move during this process.
This application is used for decorating cylindrical and conic stamping parts like sleeves, cans, end caps, etc.
The stamping die and form of the stamping motive are adjusted to the rolling motion.

3DHS stamping

3DHS® stands for 3D hotstamping.
For the first time, it is possible to decorate plastic parts with steep edges (3D parts) by hotstamping.
The decoration is done with commercial stamping decorations: metallized foils (chrome or aluminium), pigment foils, foils with a more elastic carrier which allows the stamping of these geometries, etc.
The 3DHS stamping application is a vertical stamping process, where the foil is stretched accordingly across the stamping part.
It has been developed by the KURZ Group in cooperation with H+M.

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